Deception solutions for Lawyers,
Negotiators and Sales professionals

Face to face lies

People look at faces the most to detect lies while facial expressions reveal the least amount of deceptive behavior.

Conversational Deception

What people say and how they say it adds another layer of knowing whether they are being truthful or deceptive

Body Demeanor and hand Gestures

Body language signals the highest amount of deceptive behavior though is the least regarded aspect of deception detection.

Learn it all

Learn all the ways in which truth and deception are conveyed through facial expressions, body language and words.

Micro-Expressions Detection

in Professional Settings

Whether its a negotiation, sales pitch, cross-examination or an interview, most attention is paid to the face. Micro Expressions are indicators of deception and can happen in less than 1/3rd of a second.

We have professional experience in face to face interactions. Merging the latest science and deception detection techniques we deliver training that gives you the professional edge. Micro-expressions show up when a person is attempting to hide their true emotional state. Science shows us there are 7 emotional facial expressions all humans display regardless of age, race, gender or other factors. Solaris Intelligence uses training from our Micro Expressions expert teaching the student to visually catch the split second micro-expression that reveals the lie.

We offer training in person or online, in half day, 1 day, 3 day, and 5-day packages.

Vocal Deception Detection

for Professionals

When we’re lying we try to separate our self from our words, we don’t like using I, me or myself as it allows us to distance our self from the lies.

What we say and how it’s said gets only part of our attention in conversation, tone and diction gives more clues to deception than facial expressions (but less than body language). This is the middle ground of signals for truth and deception detection as it’s easier to catch a lie than observing body language. Training from our Global Cultural expert gives the student deception detection techniques that allow for a natural style of conversation, where spotting a micro expression is still possible.

We offer training in person or online, in half day, 1 day, 3 day, and 5-day packages.

Deceptive Movement

We pay so little attention to body language even though 55% to 66% of communication is done non verbally. though it provides the most information if someone is being deceptive or truthful.

In North America we have been conditioned to look a person in the eye when we talk to them, it tells the other person you’re confident, trustworthy and you’re their professional equal. Because this is socially engrained in us, it makes it harder to take a step back and see the body during a conversation. Solaris Intelligence uses training from our Motional Analysis expert training the student to recognize differences between deceptive movements and irregular motion as a result of an injury. Whether its the way someone is sitting in their boardroom chair or how they walk the factory floor, you’ll learn the finer points of deceptive movement that gives you the edge in your day to day business.

We offer training in person or online, in half day, 1 day, 3 day, and 5-day packages.

The Complete Package

for Professionals

Using just one indication of deception isn’t going to be enough to know if someone’s lying or even what they are lying about. Finding someone’s true intentions requires a full spectrum approach.

Lies get revealed through facial expressions, tone, and diction of what the person is saying as well as body language. You expect your business dealings to have a certain amount of truth held in reserve. In the age of email and text message communication, it’s become even easier to hide a lie. Our training package is developed by professionals in human behavior, global culture and body mechanics to give you every tool available in catching the bad guy. Solaris Intelligence is proudly leading the industry in deception detection techniques. By combining training in Micro-Expressions, Vocalics and Deceptive Movements we train Professionals in every possible dimension of deception detection.