The Company Story

Management and Training Staff

Solaris Intelligence began as a Deception Detection Training company. The company was founded by Dr. Matthew Kane who applied his Ph.D. in psychology where he wrote his doctoral thesis on micro-expression detection and his prior experience as an Intelligence Officer to create a truly exceptional company that provided a niche service. During 2020, we were forced to adapt our model. Since each managing partner served our nation in a variety of military careers, naturally we used that indispensable training, experience, and discipline to craft what we are today and the service that we deliver. Solaris Intelligence began teaching people to catch lies and has since matured to offer a full suite of Rare and Valuable Skills for the professional.

Our founders are on a continual quest to drive science and facts into our training curriculum. We endeavor to deliver to the student what you cannot get simply by watching a YouTube video. We steer very clear of ‘it has always been done this way, therefore this is the only way’. Instead, we use facts from academia and real-world experience to mold our training curriculum. These include Intelligence and Espionage, Counter-IED, Special Forces Operations, and Private Military Contracting experiences.

Dr. Matthew Kane

Dr. Matthew Kane

Matt began his career in Deception Detection with the Canadian Armed Forces as an Intelligence Officer. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Walden University in Experimental Psychology, a Master’s Degree from American Military University in Psychology, and a BA in Military Strategic Studies from the University of New Brunswick.

During his distinguished 10 year career, he saw service in various theatres of operation where he had the opportunity to work with a multi-national intelligence unit that included the CIA and MI6. This brought him to the highest levels of counter-terrorism operations where he conducted and advised on terrorist interrogations, prepared and delivered intelligence briefings to senior military officers, and advised military and civilian intelligence operatives in real-time kinetic operations.

After leaving the military, Matt used his military intelligence experience and broadened his skill set to fill the civilian need for Deception Detection. Since then he has expanded the offerings of Solaris Intelligence to other rare and valuable skills he learned and developed in intelligence and academia.

Paul Sneah

Paul Sneah

Paul Sneah is a former Infanteer and Combat Engineer. Having served six years in the Canadian Armed Forces, he served with Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and with 4 Engineer Support Regiment. He has deployed to Haiti and Afghanistan where he took part in a wide variety of operations. While deployed he cleared roads of explosive devices, did reconnaissance, and detonated explosives to support operations. Paul was also advanced promoted while deployed to be the section second in command where he oversaw the day to day operations of his section. During his time with the Canadian Armed Forces Paul also obtained his jump wings allowing him to work in airborne operations.

After leaving the Canadian Armed Forces, Paul attained his Hostile Environment Close Protection certification in Hereford and worked in Private Security Operations in several different countries, including Eastern Europe and West Africa. Paul is trained in a variety of skills ranging from Combat Operations to covert surveillance and intelligence gathering in the field as well as Executive Close Protection. Paul brings decades of experience to Solaris Intelligence in the leadership and intelligence fields.

What We Are

We are Rare and Valuable Skills for the Professional. Our company roots are based in science and advanced Military skills. While we began as a Deception Detection Training company, our diversified service offerings meant we evolved as a firm and forced us to ask who are we today? Are we a personal growth company? Are we a Corporate Training company? We began to understand that we are not for everyone and as such we are not going to try to be. After much discussion we decided to dedicate our training to individuals motivated to grow beyond their current selves. People not afraid to push what they previously thought were their boundaries both mentally, physically, professionally and experientially. We came to realized that we are a Skills Training company with a focus on the rare and valuable and that is exactly what we offer. Training concepts, experience and facts that are found only at Solaris Intelligence. While rare can easily be defined as not common, valuable is much more subjective. At Solaris we feel that any skill that effectively enables survival, be it professional or personal, it is considered valuable. If you want vanilla ice cream style training principles that provide nothing of substance other than feeling good afterwards, then we can suggest many of our competitors as a better fit. However if you demand an edge above your corporate rivals, you are in the right place and we’re ready to talk to you.

How We Do it

We at Solaris Intelligence value the customer relationship above all else. We know… everyone says that, but we actually mean it. Because we understand that the customer relationship is what gives our firm its strength. By spending valuable time with our customers we gain a deep understanding of what you want. Which means we are continually updating training platforms to fit the needs of those we serve, our customers.
While we greatly value relationships, our passion for research and science is also held near and dear to our hearts. Our team is comprised of Ph.Ds., tenured professors and Graduate Degrees in fields of science and business and we make darn sure the information you get is above all else factual and scientifically proven coupled with real-world experience. We ensure the latest research and top level experience and knowledge is the key ingredient in all of our training programs.
Lastly, we take great care to ensure that our service is working for you, our support doesn’t just end after the training session. After the training program, the Solaris Intelligence team follows up with you. Depending on the program we conduct either a detailed statistical analysis and provide you a report on how your business has improved, or simply follow up and inquire about the degree of skill retention maintained. Because we care as much about your return on investment as you do!

Why We Do It

Each and every one of our founders has a deep interest in science and human behaviour, but above that we have an even greater interest in teaching. Imparting our hard earned knowledge and experience is the sole reason this company exists today. We believe the world is empowered through knowledge and we at Solaris Intelligence have a desire to educate. Some of our strongest personal values count integrity, honesty and a strong community amongst the most important. This is why we chose to provide Rare and Valuable Skills to our customer base,