Our Story

What We Are

Your professional success relying on getting the facts is uniquely challenging. You want to get the whole story, and the truth is you don’t always know when you’re being lied to. If you’re like most people, your job defines who you are and when you’re lied to it feels personal. Popular opinion is the longer you’ve been doing it the greater your expertise at spotting a lie, but liars exploit that coding to bypass our internal warning systems.

Even the most experienced law enforcement, negotiators, medical and legal professionals improve with scientifically proven training methods from Solaris Intelligence. We are the only firm to uniquely combine Micro-Expression Detection with a deep understanding of Bio-Mechanics as well as local and global cultural mannerisms.

No one else in the industry combines three scientific fields of study with operational experience in counter terrorism from top civilian and Military Intelligence organizations. Our Progressive Deception Detection training program enables the student to accurately detect deception in any face-to-face setting or in a public crowd and is unmatched anywhere in the industry. In fact we invite you find a firm that beats our education, experience and results.

How We Do it

Spies, Scholars, and Science

We at Solaris Intelligence value the customer relationship above all else. We know… everyone says that, but we actually mean it. Because we understand that the customer relationship actually gives our firm its strength. By spending valuable time with our customers we gain a deep understanding of what you need to succeed, which in turn improves our service to you.

While we greatly value relationships, our passion for research and science is also held near and dear to our hearts. Our team is comprised of Ph.Ds, tenured professors and Graduate Degrees in fields of science and business and we make darn sure the information you get is above all else factual and scientifically proven with no conjecture or opinion. We ensure the latest research is integrated into our training program and deliver material that is as recent as 2017.

Lastly, we take great care to ensure that our service is working for you, our support doesn’t just end after the training session. After the training program, the Solaris Intelligence team follows up with detailed statistical analysis and provides you a report on how your business has improved. Because we care as much about your return on investment as you do

Why We do it

For God and Country

Each and every one of our founders has a deep interest in science and human behavior. We believe the world is empowered through knowledge and we have a desire to educate. We also believe in integrity and honesty. We understand that the character of our nation is made from those that live by a moral code of ethics. We recognize that what makes the free society we live in great, rests on those at the foundation of our countries framework. The freedoms we enjoy are in place by the checks and balances of our countries constitution, and when those that seek to undermine it succeed… we all lose. Which is why we feel that ensuring those that we charge with the responsibility of keeping us safe, receive fair treatment and give us leading-edge medical care get the training they need to keep our citizens happy.